75th Anniversary Fund

For 75 years the Detroit Public Library Foundation has fostered educational efforts in a variety of forms throughout the Detroit Public Library. Recently, we’ve seen evolutions in both the use and necessity of programming for both the main library community and the neighborhood communities of which the 21 branches form an integral part. 


Help us empower, foster and maintain the next generation of leaders in our Detroit Public Library community. With the help of supporters like you we’ve brought cyber training to seniors, taught children how to code, introduced STEM summer camps free of charge to the youth of Detroit and most recently taken the initial steps of introducing an online radio station to our teen HYPE Center. None of this is possible without first picking up a book. 


In 2018 we celebrate 75 years of being of service to the Detroit Public Library, with the spirit that everyone in our community deserves access to books and other informative reading material. In order for our community to remain innovative and inspiring we need readers to shape the years ahead. Our endowment is the most important investment we can make for our library’s future. We turn to you, as only you can make our work possible. Your gift is extremely important because it offers future resources that will be directed to the needs and opportunities of the residents of Detroit. 


Your donation is helping to make our community stronger. Right here. Right now. Forever.