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We believe that literacy is the cornerstone of personal growth, community development, and social empowerment. Rooted in the heart of Detroit, we are committed to unlocking the potential in every individual, regardless of age or background, by nurturing a culture of reading, writing, and critical thinking.


Our mission since 1943 has been to create a Detroit where literacy is not a privilege, but a right, shared by all. We strive to provide accessible, personalized, and innovative educational programs that align with the diverse needs and aspirations of our community members. By engaging with local schools, families, libraries, and volunteers, we are working to eliminate the literacy gap and forge a brighter, more equitable future.

Together, we envision a Detroit where every person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams, contribute to their community, and thrive in the global economy. We believe in the transformative power of words, and we invite you to join us in making literacy a reality for all.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors


Crystal Powell, Ph.D.

John Krieman

David Costa,

Susan Gardynik, Treasurer

Carol Huckleby, Secretary

Sean Ryan Everett, Chair

Sharri Watkins, Vice Chair 

Jeanne Warford

David Wood 

Financials +

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