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Our Story

The DPL Foundation is a 501c3 committed to equity and inclusion in the name of empowering and enriching the cultural landscape and lives experienced by the citizens of our city.

We have continued our legacy of meeting the ever changing needs of the communities we serve and increased our provision of funding opportunities that provide access to unbiased safe outlets of personal creative expression and learning opportunities.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors


Crystal Powell, Ph.D., Immediate Past Chair

John Krieman

David Costa, Board Chair

Susan Gardynik, Treasurer

Carol Huckleby, Secretary

Sean Ryan Everett, Ex Officio

Jeanne Warford

David Wood 

Financials +

Audited Financial Statements 

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Fiscal 2019

Fiscal 2018

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Fiscal 2019

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Fiscal 2017

Annual Report

Planned Giving