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We aim to service the Morningside community and aid in closing the gap caused by the digital divide by providing resources for connectivity. We named this project the Crosstown Connection in honor of the bus route that once ran the furthest distance across the city.

Growing up in the early 2000s we remember the internet in its infancy. Before having a computer or connection to dial up in her home Trice would walk one mile to the Thomas Jefferson Branch of the Detroit Public Library to browse the web. Unfortunately, this is still the case for a lot of residents in the city today.

Xtown front view.jpg
Xtown Back view.jpg

We aim to make technology more accessible to those who live in the Morningside community by creating a tech hub. Ideally, we would like the community tech hub to be located near the library on East Warren and Outer Drive, this way it can serve as an extension of the library for over flow due to COVID and after library hour service.

In order to extend our reach we plan to budget the funds for multiple installations. Placing community library style mailboxes near bus stops on East Warren for people who are unable to reach the main hub to charge their phones, reference a clock, and use the hot spots while they wait for the DDOT.


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