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The Foundation joins the many voices across the country who have expressed anger and calls for justice. We are raising our voice to amplify those who have been silenced.

Communities are only as strong as their weakest belief and willingness to right the wrongs of society. Now is the time to unequivocally stand together and continue providing resources, safe spaces and opportunities to Black communities in Detroit.

This is not a time for silence. Together we must take action in solidarity against systems that historically oppress and deny access.

Knowledge is freedom and, in a world  of growing dynamic educational focuses and  career field from STEAM to design, we are  proud to provide innovative programming to  the citizens of Detroit who seek the continued  advancement of all phases of their lives.

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Within the space of the library we are all integral aspects of perhaps one of the most essential gifts to our community: 

The universal freedom to obtain knowledge in its many forms and harness all of its benefits to create the opportunities that will last us a lifetime.

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Over the past few years the #MyDPLStory interviews have brought us face to face with the many people who make our library the multifaceted place that it is today. Through many voices one central theme has always come to the surface; the library has played a role in shaping many of us and still touches our hearts just as it did the very first time we discovered it.

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