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Join us this summer (for 8 weeks) as we teach kids to explore the world through nature and tech. We will be planting small gardens and using technology to maintain and monitor our gardens.

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We Believe in You.


For over 80 years, the DPL Foundation has been dedicated to the preservation and provision of educational resources and freedom of access that dares to make space for the dreamers of Detroit.

Youth's Mobility

Black Lives Matter

Communities are only as strong as their weakest belief and willingness to right the wrongs of society. Now is the time to unequivocally stand together and continue providing resources, safe spaces and opportunities to Black communities in Detroit.


Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through the promotion of literacy by providing access to educational resources and opportunities.


our Impact



# of Detroiters impacted by DPLF initiatives + partnerships.



Of participants are Detroit youth.

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New Detroit based program partners.



Hours of art + literacy program funded.

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